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Jenny Lewis – One Day Young

A fotógrafa Jenny Lewis publicou recentemente o livro “One Day Young” para o qual fotografou várias mulheres e as suas crianças com apenas 24 horas de vida. O livro está disponível aqui.

Xanthe & Louie
Catherine & Raya
Veronika & Eden
Karla & River
Mairead & Fia
Danila and Zara
Aga and Olympia
Clare and Henry
Laure and Tyrick
Mairead and Arlo
Charlotte and Vivienne
Rebecca and Osiris
Chieska and Floyd
Theresa and Tommy
Caroline and Silas
Clemmie and Imogen
Harriet and Greta
Nicola and Verity
Ana and Barney
Jenny and Nora
Bertie and Alma
Jenny and Cicely
Gitta and Til
kyle and Winona
Katharina and Tito
Cassie and Levi
Trini and Carmen
Lou and Jax
Marinella and Leandro
Nicky and Oscar

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